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The Unbelievable Life and Death of Katie Fusco & The Murders of Stephen Pladl Weird True Crime

The Unbelievable Life and Death of Katie Fusco & The Murders of Stephen Pladl | Weird True CrimeTW: SA, DV/DA, PA, EA, IncestKatie Fusco was like a lot of adopted kids. As she got older, her curiosity about her birth parents grew, and she eventually found Stephen and Alyssa Paldl and began building a relationship. She moved in with them when she turned 18, but the relationship was anything but normal. What transpired is something out of a disturbing, twisty horror novel. This weird true crime case is sure to leave you feeling some type of way. This is the strange but true case of Katie Fusco and Stephen Pladl. Website: http://www.weirdtruecrime.comInstagram: weirdtruecrime@gmail.comPodcast Production: Dustin James – djaudio22@gmail.comMember of the Darkcast Network:
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